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  • Outer protective layer – a knitted blend of Kevlar/Nomex
  • Soft knitted polyester/cotton inner layer for comfort & snug fit
  • Uses the same heat resistant technology as racing driving/astronaut safety equipment
  • Extreme heat resistance to temperatures of 250°C
  • More comfortable than stiff leather gauntlets
  • More practical than unmanageable mittens or oven gloves
  • Ideal for using with the BBQ, stove or fireplace

The heavy knit weave of the Heat Resistant Gloves has been specifically designed for comfort and maximum dexterity. Extreme heat resistance is provided by the protective outer layer, which is a woven blend of Kevlar/Nomex; materials that are renowned for their heat resistance of up to temperatures of 250°C and widely used in the racing driving and aeronautical services. A soft knitted polyester/cotton inner layer adds to comfort and ensures a snug fit.

The black elbow length gloves give protection for the hand, wrist and forearm and come in one size: medium/large (size 9).


Hand Length: 195mm (wrist to middle finger)
Total Glove Length: 450mm

  • Always inspect gloves before use
  • Replace if damaged
  • Suitable for dry heat sources only
  • Not suitable for protection against hot liquids or vapour

Outer Weave Material: 12% Kevlar / 84% Nomex / 4% rubber string
Inner Lining Material: 50% cotton / 50% polyester


210 x 141 x 77mm 
Weight: 335g

Weight 335 kg
Dimensions 210 x 141 x 77 cm


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