SmartFan MINI – Extended 2 Year Warranty!


  • No external power source required;
  • Safe, silent and without running costs;
  • Effectively propels warm air into the living area;
  • Maximum temperature: 330°C;
  • Promotes efficient fuel consumption;
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SmartFan Mini stove fan packaging

The fan comes boxed with tough foam that has been specifically shaped for the fan’s handle, front blades and the fan itself.  Compared to the cardboard packaging of other models the tough foam is a more secure solution for guaranteeing your fan arrives undamaged.  It also retains its shape, so whilst you’re storing the packaging during the warranty period it is less likely to be damaged.  We highly recommend you keep the packaging while the fan is under warranty, as it will need to be returned to the manufacturer securely should any faults occur or the fan is damaged.


The Pros




The Cons

All dimensions of the Smartfan and the SmartFan Mini compared.

This is a smaller version of the very successful original SmartFan, as it became apparent that many stoves are fitted into fireplace recesses, giving a smaller distance between the stove top and the top of the opening.  The SmartFan Mini stands 30mm shorter and 20mm thinner than its larger brother.  The fan’s blades are 30mm shorter, but they spin faster to compensate for the smaller size, which means the loss of airflow is not noticeable.  This is also reflected in the price difference.

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