SmartFan Original


  • Silently circulates warm air around the home – up to 206cfm / 350cmh
  • Mainly for Wood Burning Stoves – Operating Temp: 65 – 330 C
  • Heats the living area faster & Reduces fuel consumption by up to 20%
  • Does not lose performance as stove warms – 2nd ‘device cooling’ fan
  • 1 Year Warranty + 2 Years upon registration
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The SmartFan: The name says it all!

SmartFan stove fan packaging

The SmartFan comes in a solid cardboard box, with a thick layer of foam on all sides keeping the fan snug inside, guaranteeing it will go through the postal system intact.

SmartFan stove fan bottom partSmartFan's Peltier powers two motorts



The SmartFan is made from light anodized black aluminium – which promises longevity and a high end quality finish of the product itself.  The bottom part of the stove fan is designed to sit on the hot stove top and covers a large surface area, this in turn assures a safe distribution of heat to the TEG (thermo-electric generator) module that sits between the lower heat sink and the upper cooling chamber.

SmartFan's cooling chamber


The cooling process is made more efficient by the series of small ridges around the outer edge of the cooling chamber, creating a greater surface area.  The process is further assisted by the additional small, but powerful, plastic fan that is capable of pushing up to 20 cubic meters of air per minute and spinning at approximately 30 revolutions per minute.  These ingenious engineering tricks create the ideal temperature difference for the TEG module to power the two 9v DC motors.

SmartFan's main fan

In addition to the fans in the cooling chamber dispersing the hot air, the main fan on the front is made of high quality aluminium and can spin up to 21.5 KPM.  This essentially means that SmartFan creates an amazing amount of air circulation – of up to 360 cubic meters of hot air per hour.

If you need to lift the hot fan away from the stove top for any reason (such as the stove is reaching the upper limits of the fan’s temperature range), there is a plastic handle situated on top of the fan so you can avoid the two working fans.





What makes The SmartFan Original stove fan so special.


SmartFan stove fan is, in many ways, a product that has completely revolutionized the industry





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