The Valiant VANQUISH 250 Stove Fan


  • Valiant's most powerful model – especially suited to larger rooms
  • Easy starting at 50°C
  • Heat powered fan circulates warm air around the room
  • Unrivalled output from the efficient blade design
  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • No running costs – simply place on a stove & the fan uses the heat to operate
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The Vanquish 250 paskaging

The Vanquish comes in the packing of the same pattern as all remaining Valiant models come. On order to avoid any damage the fan in the box id secured with foam pads.

The distinguish “V” is fitted in the heat sinkThe heat sink is designed so distinguish “V” can be recognized to remind the name of the Valiant newest model

Safety device in the base of the Vanquish 250 stove fan

The Vanquish stove fan is protected from overheating by a strip of bimetal fitted in the fan’s base.


The motor of teh Vanquish 250 is fitted in its center

The motor is mounted in the center of the fan’s body so the long blades don’t protrude over the stove fan’s top.

Mounting of the Vanquish 250 blades

The blades itself are attached to the motor’s shaft with tiny screw.


The plastic blade of the Vanquish 250 stove fan

The blades of the Vanquish 250 are made of plastic for a reason.  Long blades have an aerodynamically designed profile, so they push the air as the airplane’s propellers do rather than the ventilator’s blades.  Despite a huge diameter the blades are light to make it easier for the motor to spin faster.

Weight 962 kg
Dimensions 250 x 230 x 80 cm


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