• Compact design: only 174mm high to fit tight, restricted spaces
  • Ultra low 45°C starting temperature – perfect for early starting
  • Terrific air flow for a fan of this size – blows up to 420 feet/minute
  • Thermally controlled actuator for optimum Peltier performance
  • Dynamically balanced fan for unrivalled motor life, balance & output
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Information About the Ventum II Fan, By Valiant



The packaging of the Valiant Ventum 2



The inner box of the Valiant Ventum 2

The Valiant Ventum 2 comes securely packaged, so you can rest assured it will arrive to you in mint condition.  However, it can be a little tricky not to damage the box when getting the fan out.  We recommend you keep your original packaging while your fan is under warranty, so we suggest you gently take the sides of the box out first; then take the fan out, base first.



The bi-metal strip protects the Valiant Ventum 2 from overheating

The Ventum 2 is very similar to other Valiant stove fans, it comes with a built in bi-metal strip on the base that protects the fan from overheating.  How does it actually stop the fan from overheating? When the temperature of the stove top surface reaches temperatures of 250 degrees the bi-metal strip will bend, which then tilts the fan backwards gently.  This protects the motor and the TEG module from overheating; the TEG module is exposed to high temperatures and is easily damaged.  If you expect your stove to reach temperatures of 320 degrees we recommend you lift the fan up using the handle on top.
The Peltier module is held in place between the upper and lower sections by two Allen screws.  Should you need to replace the Peltier module, it will not take more than 5 minutes to do so.



The Valiant Ventum 2 is powered with a TEG module

The Peltier module and the motor are connected by a small plastic plug, which can be used if you ever need to replace either of them.  The plug and wires are exposed but are perfectly safe and protected, as long as they are not exposed to temperatures above the recommended range.



The Valiant Ventum 2 wiring

It is highly unlikely you would ever need to replace the motor, but if that circumstance does arise it is easily accessible.  Damage to the blades is far more likely as they may bend if the fan is dropped.  When the do bend they make an irritating nose, however replacing the blades is a simple process using an Allen key.



The Valiant Ventum 2 motor mounting

The motor of the Ventum 2 is easily accessible, but it is highly unlikely that you would ever need to touch it. However, bending the blades is more likely. This can be a fairly unpleasant problem, as the bending of the blades can cause irritating noise. Replacing the blades also shouldn’t be a problem, because all you need to replace them is a tiny Allen key.


The Valiant Ventum 2 motor mounting

The Ventum 2 is one of Valiant’s smaller models, standing at just 18cm tall.  This makes it a good choice if you have a small aperture between your stove top and aperture

Weight 640 kg


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