• Unique triple blade design
  • Produces less drag than a 4 blade fan but more thrust than a 2 blade
  • Ultra low 45°C starting temperature – perfect for early starting
  • Maximum air flow – blows up to 420 feet/minute
  • Thermally controlled actuator for optimum Peltier performance
  • Dynamically balanced fan for unrivalled motor life, balance & output
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What is The Problem With Wood Stoves?

Details About the Valiant Ventum III

Valiant ventum 3 packaging and the user manual

The Fan comes securely packaged with a user manual in 6 languages

Valiant ventum 3 peltier and the motor

Electricity is generated by the Peltier module, which is situated between the two sections of the fan.  Whilst the bottom section gets hot quickly (being on the stove top), the top section remains considerably cooler.

Valiant ventum 3 ridged fins

The fan’s top section has ridged cooling fins, which increases their surface area which in turn ensures a maximum temperature difference for the Peltier module.

Valiant ventum 3 front blades mounting screw

Should the blades become damaged, or get bent they will create a wobbling effect, and even be noisy.  The blades are easily replaced with the small Allen key which comes with the fan.  Replacement blades can be purchased from our store.

The valiant ventum 3 motor mounting

To prevent wobbling, the Ventum 3 motor is securely mounted with two screws.  These screws are easily accessible so that in the unlikely event of failure it can be replaced.

Bi-metal safety device of the valiant ventum 3

To protect the Peltier and motor from overheating a bi-metallic strip is fitted to the bottom of the Ventum 3.  Once it reaches temperatures of 250 centigrade the strip bends which in turn tilts the fan slightly raising it from the stove top.

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